Apr 11, 2012

How to Adjust Screw if 45 RPM Records Don't Play Completely

Questions: I just bought a Memorex mini system from your company & 45 rpm records don't play competently before the pick up arm stops the turntable. LP records play fine I like the system otherwise, what's the problem and what is the easiest way to fix it? 

Answer: It's very easy to fix. You will need to a screwdriver, open up the turntable and make a small adjustment. You have to remove the turntable from the base as shown in the pictures below. This is done by removing 4 screws. Then lift it up about an inch. You don't need to unplug the wires that connect it. At the base of the stylus arm, you'll find a little screw. Turn that counterclockwise a little until you get the desires results. The pictures below will demonstrate this procedure in detail:

How to Adjust Screw if 45 RPM Records Don't Play Completely

locate the screws on memorex turntable
Locate the Screws

lift up the turntable base
Life Up the Turntable Base

locate screw at base of stylus
Locate Screw at Base of Stylus

Turn Screw for adjustment
Turn Screw for Adjustment

Please note that this procedure is used on the Memorex Turntable model 9299 however the technique may vary in other models.


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