Jan 2, 2012

Newest Jadoo 3 TV Channels HD Box has Launched

Jadoo 3 TV Channels HD Box
Jadoo 3 TV Channels HD Box
The new Jadoo 3 TV Channels HD Box was recently launched by JadooTV. This box gives you unlimited access to Live TV Channels, Youtube Videos & Movies. Its loaded with these exciting features:

Watch Live TV Channels - JadooBox delivers live content from the internet to your TV. No special software or subscription service is needed.

YouTube Videos - Keeping this in mind, JadooTV provides great value added feature to Browse YouTube incredible clips from any of the favorites categories on your TV. You can watch billions of clips (Movies, Music Videos, Cartoons, Shows, News, Sports) and all your memorable moments of your life. Browse by your own mood and preferences featuring Most viewed, Most Recent, Top Rated etc

Access to Personal Media - JadooTV makes it easy. Just use the remote to browse music, photos, and videos from your collection. Share, on your TV with family and friends, your music, photos, and videos from your PC or Network Attached Storage. Entertain party guests with a larger-than-life slideshow set to your favorite soundtrack or music samples.

Unlimited Movies & Dramas - JadooTV puts you in command by allowing you to watch Free Full Length movies from Hollywood to Bollywood covering Romantic, Action, Comedy, Horror and much more just with a touch of a button on your remote. You have unlimited instant access to watch as you want anytime with the forward, rewind and pause option using your remote. 

New Features in Jadoo 3

This box offers the following new features that were not available in the earlier Jadoo 2 version:

    • Improvement in channel quality with new HD channels added
    • A new and improved user friendly interface
    • Now with the Jadoo App Market with access to numerous Apps. Includes the JadooPLUS App!
    • A new and sleek box design
Pay only a one time fees to purchase this Jadoo 3 TV Channels HD Box. Once you have the box you will get unlimited access to all channels with no monthly fees. This box will work anywhere around the world and the only requirement is high speed internet connection (no satellite required). The Jadoo Box is compact in size and easy to install.

You can purchase or learn more about the Jadoo 3 HD Box at AudioBuys.net online store.

Newest Jadoo 3 TV Channels HD Box has launched


This is a great box and our best selling iptv technology boxes. Most of our customers who buy this box are looking for south asian channels with unlimited access. You only pay to purchase this box and once you buy this box there are no monthly fees. You also get a lot of on demand content such as movies, music, tv dramas and children's cartoons.

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