Aug 15, 2011

Wireless Speakers Suitable for Everyday Outdoor Use

Weatherproof Wireless Speaker
These Royal Weatherproof Wireless Speaker are suitable for everyday outdoor and indoor use. It includes a remote control and 2.4GHz digital transmission. The speaker provides ultra-clear stereo quality sound. This versatile speaker can transmit signals through walls, ceilings, or floors so you can take this portable audio sound system anywhere including to your back yard, different rooms without your house and patio. You don't need to move the source (stereo system, ipod, computer, etc) to which the transmitter will be connected along with the speakers.

Speakers are weatherproof which make them great for outdoor use. The speakers can be used on a tabletop or can be wall mounted. They can be operated from a distance up to 100 ft from the included transmitter. The speaker dimensions are 11.4" Lenght x 8.2" Width x 5.8" Height (inches). For more information or to purchase these speakers visit the ROYAL 2.4 GHz Weatherproof Wireless Speaker product page on


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