Aug 15, 2011

Take along your speakers while relaxing in your pool

Water floating wireless speakers!
Now you enjoy music in and out of the water by tossing these Grace Digital Waterproof Floating Wireless Speaker into your hot tub, pool or bath. Every speaker has two Ultra Bright LED Mood lights for added night time ambiance. Listen for up to 10 hours of non-stop music using the batteries for ultimate portability. Some more features include:
  • 1 wireless transmitter - connect these transmitter to any audio out connection in your cd player, home stereo or even your ipod. The transmitter will transmit signal to your wireless speakers to up to 150 Foot range.
  • Dock Power adapter - show in the picture. Place and charge your ipod on this adapter.
To find out more visit the Grace Digital Waterproof Floating Wireless Speaker product page at


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