Aug 16, 2011

Portable Boombox come with unique features like inbuilt Camera

With the music audience getting tech savvy with every passing day, the sound systems are shaping up accordingly to meet the new demands of their listeners. Gone are those days, when you had to sit in your bedroom to listen to your sound system. Portable sound systems are here, there and everywhere. Portable sound systems are available in all sorts of sizes and shapes in the market, and the requirements of every individual is satisfied with the varying feature and price range.

Boombox is an old name in the market of portable sound systems. Portable boombox have served their listeners with simple music playing for a long time. A boombox usually comprises of a cassette deck, cd players and an fm radio. In many boombox, one can also find auxiliary head phone jack compatibility or a MP3 player. Boombox with water proof and weather durability features, are also available in the market nowadays. With several companies launching boom boxes nowadays, it is a good idea for you to research online or offline before you buy your boombox.

If you were looking for unique features like inbuilt camera, then may be the final location of your search. This device available under the brand name of HC is not only famous for its good sound but the specialty in its camera. It even acts like a spy cam at times as the camera remains hidden such a way that even if you try to find it you would not be able to unless you know the location exactly.

The portable boombox weights, only 12 pounds, which isn't much considered to the features included in it. The device is efficient in performing acts of recording from various sources like cassettes, compact discs, radio stations, etc. The camera included in the device is wireless, which receives frequency at 2.4GHz. It may run on 6D batteries and AC or DC supply of electricity. The items required for running the device by supplying power is included in the packet from beginning. The resolution of the camera is of 400 black and white lines and 380 color lines. 


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