Aug 15, 2011

Experience sound in 4D with the new AstoundStereo Expander

The AstoundStereo Expander Software from GenAudio enables you to hear all your digital audio in a new way. AstoundStereo Expander literally expands the audio that you hear into a 'bubble of sound' that has enhanced audio clarity and higher definition. You become completely immersed in the sound with elevation, intensive depth perception and widening of the stereo image, creating a four dimensional audio experience. The clarity and definition of the outputted audio is very impressive. The AstoundStereo Expander is a software application that runs thru Windows Media Player 11 or higher on your PC. It takes stereo audio as input and produces a significantly wider stereo image, while preserving center information (e.g. vocals or center staged instruments), in real time. It can be used for listening your music collection, playing your games, watching your favorite movies and much more. To find out more about this product or download a free trial visit


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