Aug 16, 2011

Even today you can buy a Vacuum Tube Design Radio Online!

Vacuum Tube Design Radio
If may come as a surprise but even today you can buy a brand new Golden Age Vacuum Tube Design Radio online. is one of the online stores that is selling the Nostalgia Vacuum Tube Design Golden Age AM/FM Radio online at a price much lower than antique stores would sell it for.

Our Spotlight on The Golden Age of Radio generally defines the Golden Age Radio Era as that period between the advent of commercial radio "broad casts" (the term first used to describe wider - broad - casts of radio air waves) in 1921, and somewhere between 1965 and 1968.

Although this fascinating piece of replica may look like from the Golden Age, it is fitted with modern day technology and features including AM/FM Analog Tuner, Vacuum Tube Lighting, Backlit Tuning Dial and Headphone Jack. The warm glow of a radio dial and the tubes behind them contributes to the ambiance. Its High-tech audio components provide clear sound, while the old-time illumination effects are so realistic, you'd almost expect to hear The Shadow or X Minus One coming out of the speaker instead of today's news and music.


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