Aug 15, 2011

Crosleys Introduces its Long Waited iPod Jukebox

Crosley iPod Jukebox - Fullsize
We have exciting news to share. The long-awaited CR1201A Crosley Jukebox with the 10-CD disc changer and i-Pod Dock is now available. We have them in-stock, ready to ship now. This is the first CD-Changing Jukebox from Crosley to also incorporate the i-Pod dock. The dock is conveniently integrated in to the top of each jukebox. These have also been upgraded with “Infinity Lighting” in the upper half. They look outstanding in any light level. The suggested retail price is $2,495.00 however is offering them at a lower price. Some additional features & specificatons include:
  • Front Loading 10 Disc Changer
  • AM/FM Radio with Digital Tuner
  • Dynamic 4 Speaker Stereo System
  • Percolating Bubble Tubes with Authentic Neon Lighting
  • Decorative Musical Play List
  • External Speaker Outputs
Visit the Crosley Jukebox with iPod Dock product page to view complete features or buy online.


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