Aug 16, 2011

Create your own radio show and broadcast with

Spreaker allows anyone to create their own radio show and broadcast easily within minutes. By going to, and registering or logging in with your Facebook account, anyone becomes a radio host.

Spreaker will definitely give everyone a blast. Imagine how cool it is to feel like how it is to be a radio host. It would be exciting to create your own radio show and at the same time broadcast it for all your friends to hear! Websites that offer amazing features like this one is definitely worth your time. Spreaker is truly a helpful website for everyone who wish to have the experience of broadcasting his/her own radio show.

All of Spreaker's content and playlists are unique, as they are created by its own users. Creating and sharing is simple with the easy to use DJ console that requires no downloading. Mix music and audio with special effects in order to personalize your own live radio show or podcasts with professional flair.
Spreaker's online music library features thousands of tracks of indie music, creative commons, and emerging artists that can be used in programs and playlists. Plus space is available for uploading personal tracks.

Spreaker is an interactive and social community, emphasized by its links with all the major networking sites. Share and promote your own show on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. Hosts can create a profile page, and can keep in touch  with fans using the site's instant messanger to take in requests and build a dialogue.

Users from all over the world use the platform to go live or to record audioblogs, newscasts, entertainment, talk radio, sportscasts, interviews, and music. Plus available is an app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that gets you browsing through the site and listening to great programs on the go.


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